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     Turkey is the proud possessor of more recognized historical and archaeological sites than any other country in the world. Bodrum's Aegean location offers the opportunity to see some of the best. From the spectacular Ancient city of Ephesus or the unique Temple of Apollo at Didyma to quaint and secluded Iasus, a two thousand-year trip into the past is only a few hours away. Travelling by organized tour, rent-a-car or public bus, numerous spectacular sites are close enough to be visited easily in a day. 



     Bodrum's own History is second to none.Birth place of Heredotus (the "Father of History"); home of Mausolus, entombed in one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; and visited by Alexander The Great (who enjoyed a lengthy stay),Bodrum is a unique combination of Ancient and modern. 



Sites not to be missed in Bodrum itself include the Mausoleum, the amphitheater on the hill above town and the early fifteenth century Castle of St. Peter. Spectacular in its own right with its lush gardens, massive stone works and diverse towers, the Castle also houses a world famous museum of underwater archaeology.


You are never far from the sea anywhere on the Bodrum Peninsula, making Bodrum itself an ideal starting point from which to visit the many peaceful havens along its beautiful coastline. In August the average daily air temperature is 33°C with warm seas of 25°C, perfect for any aquatic activity.



It is difficult to find cleaner, clearer water than that on the Turkish coast. No matter where you go, visibility is always excellent. This combined with an absence of heavy seas or strong tides and currents make the Bodrum area a swimmer's and snorkeler's paradise.


Bodrum Night Life


The beautiful Bodrum climate, so enjoyable in the daytime doesn't slink of with the setting sun. Beachfront restaurants are open all evening, and a boat trip and a swim are just as enjoyable after dark. Away from the lights of Bodrum, the Turkish sky takes on brilliance unseen in the industrial west. A great place to enjoy it is from a boat anchored outside the hot springs at Karaada Island. There, with some friends, a bottle of wine, and a few candles you can explore the caverns, waist deep in warm water, as a Turkish Tom Sawyer.


For those with energy left Bodrum discos and nightclubs close when the sunrises and you can literally dance until dawn. Nightclubs in Bodrum also feature the added plus of most of them being open air and on the seaside. After an energetic night on the town, most Turks would feel that one more snack is in order before bed. Soup is preferred as the traditional remedy to prevent tomorrow's hangover but there are a variety of snack bars open to fill a variety of cravings.




Recently become almost a resort unto itself, the sheltered bay of Gumbet is only two-KM west of Bodrum. So called from the numerous white-domed rain cisterns in the area, Gumbet features one of the longest and most popular beaches on the Peninsula, the water is warm and the shallows gradually slope from the shore.

A cool breeze blows in from the mouth of the bay even on the hottest days. As a result Gumbet is also one of the most popular watersports centers, with dinghyhire, water-skiing, windsurfing and parasailing available of the broad, sandy beach.



The popularity of Gumbet has also generated serious Nightlife and the streets of Gumbet vibrate 'til dawn with the music from numerous bars and streetside cafes.


Gumbet Beach   Bodrum Nightlife